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Help -The Beatles

About In 1965 the Beatles are in Austria for the first time in their career. In Obertauern they want to shoot scenes for their movie „Help“. There is only one problem: None of the Fab Four can ski. They have to rely on doubles for the wild chases down the piste.

A village in Austria, 1900 yards above sea level, surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery. The year: 1965. It’s a late afternoon in March and there’s still heaps of snow everywhere around. That village, Obertauern, is small and sleepy. It’s not a quarter as touristy as it is today. It can only be reached via a steep pass that is exposed to avalanches. There are yet no legendary parties in alpine huts, no heated chairlifts and nobody has ever heard about apres ski. After a day of skiing, young men sometimes gather around a bonfire to play Austrian folk songs on the guitar and while away the time.

Eight young men have met in a room in the hotel Edelweiß – which is one of the best known hotels of the village at the time. Four of them have long hair, four of them wear it short. The long-haired guys have taken out their guitars and bass and make music. The other four listen to the rhythm.

The Beatles are giving a private concert. They are performing in front of what possibly is the smallest audience they ever had. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison are at the peak of their career. They are making their second movie. Here, in the seclusion of the alpine village, they are shooting the skiing scenes. They fill major concert halls across Europe and even cause excitement beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Their appearance causes young girls to faint by the dozen.


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